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Cool findings [the street art post!]

November 13, 2010

L.E.T’s i need it more ny

checkout L.E.T’s flickr here

Seen on the Streets of Cusco, Peru

Oydaglar seen on the streets of Istanbul

Checkout Oydaglar’s deviant art here

Seen on the streets of Washington D.C

via: wooster collective

Theophilus London – “Flying Overseas”

November 12, 2010

Theophilus London is the man! London just released his song with Lightspeed Champion’s Devonte Hynes and Solange Knowles. This is what he says about the song

“This song is about a kid from Brooklyn having dreams of jetting off to an exotic land with a loved one. I want to inspire kids to travel. Traveling inspires my music the most. It has inspired the entire album I just finished writing.”

The NYC natives blend of new wave and pop couples real smooth with Solanges relaxed vocal stylings, definitely a track to chill to.

Download “Flying Overseas” (Ft. Solange Knowles) here

Theophilus London featuring Devonte Hynes & Solange Knowles – Flying Overseas

another cool track to checkout…

Theophilus London – Fatal Attraction

thanx iso


The Creators Project x Sagmeister

November 4, 2010

The Creators project interviews Stefan Sagmeister one of the most creative people out there…

checkout the interview here..

be sure to checkout his website!

The Jordanian Elections [Coming to a Mind Near You]

November 2, 2010

My Good friend Nasser Kalaji from Immortal has been working the streets of Jordan to cover the Jordanian elections through his lens.

stay tuned for the full selection coming out soon… and make sure you checkout Immortals previous project on their blog here.

Chadwick & Spector – Museum Anatomy [Insane!]

November 1, 2010

I have seen artist use humans as their canvas but nothing like this.. this is what i call insane creativity! checkout more pictures and video below..

SInce 1994, Laura Spector and Chadwick Gray have been working on “Museum Anatomy” in which they recreate paintings from Museum Storage facilities onto the body and then document the painting through photography. via: wooster collective

click here for more info & pictures!

Banksy x The Simpsons Opening Sequence

October 11, 2010

British street artist Banksy never seems to stop surprising me… This time he storyboarded and directed the “dark and incredibly complex” opening sequence of  last night’s episode of The Simpsons. In this piece Banksy takes the viewer behind the scenes of the process of animation, marketing, and promotion of an animated series like The Simpsons.

“MoneyBart.” episode aired on 10-10-2010

John Lennon Google Doodle

October 8, 2010

checkout google’s homepage logo… Happy 70th birthday John Lennon!

clip below incase you’re not able to view on google




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